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ORCA Conference Statement on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

19 Oct 2023 8:00 AM | Anonymous

As helping professionals, we strive to mitigate and address the trauma our clients experience.  The increased violence of the conflict between Israel and Hamas is causing loss of life, home, and well-being to Palestinian and Israeli families and impacting our global and local neighbors who care deeply about their well-being.  The trauma of war can only create and magnify our differences as people rather than centering us as neighbors on this shared earth.  The discord and pain of ideological difference, which leads to the murder of neighbors, friends, and family, is at play across the globe and is a reminder that the communities we live in may be at risk at any time to violence.  Each of us experiences this tragedy in our own unique way. May each of you take the time to care for yourself and love and care for the people close to you as you want to and can.

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