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Past Award Recipients

Leona E. Tyler Award

The Leona E. Tyler Award was conceived in the spring of 1967. Several members of Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association (OPGA) felt that the many contributions of Dr. Tyler to the field of Counseling Psychology should be recognized. Dr. Tyler, who at that time, was the Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Oregon, had attained both national and international acclaim.

Her research, writing, teaching, and supervision of practicum students were outstanding. Dr. Tyler wrote three major textbooks: The Work of the Counselor, Group and Individual Differences, and Clinical Psychology, the latter in conjunction with Dr. Norman Sundberg. The initial award was made to Dr. Tyler, announcing that in her honor, an annual award was being established by Oregon Counseling Association (formerly OPGA) to recognize other individuals whose work has had statewide implications for counseling.

 2018 Winner: Dr. Karen Hixson

Dr. Gene Eakin 2017 Donna Ford 1998 Glenn Hill 1983
Lisa Aasheim 2016 Charlotte Udziela 1997 Reese House 1982
Bonnie Badenoch 2012 Brooke Collison 1996 Wilbur Jackson 1981
Larry Conner 2011 Sally House 1995 Glenn Clark 1980
Dina Yerex 2010 Carol Lynn Morse 1994 Claude Morgan 1979
Lynn Fontana 2009 John Bernham 1993 Mavis Malbon 1978
Joanne Fuller 2008 Gerold Kranzler 1992 Marlene Pickens 1977
Mary Lou Brophy 2007 Carol Sisson 1991 Anna Thomas 1976
Donna Rogers-Rhinevault 2006 Janice Brandstrom 1990   Hanna Larsen 1975
Dr. Farah Ibrahim 2005 Gail Robinson 1989 Robin Williams 1974
Robin Karr-Morse 2004 Richard White 1988 Esther Matthews 1973
Deena Corso 2003 Les Adkins 1987 Franklin Zeran 1972
Sharon Baum 2002 David Capuzzi 1986 Anna Meeks 1971
Rolla Lewis 2001 Carolyn Sheldon 1985 Glen Weave 1970
Liz Curtis 2000 Jan Welle 1984 Oscar Christensen 1969

Raymond Lowe 1968

Human Rights Award

This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated an exemplary level of professional and personal commitment in the areas of human rights and the advancement of human dignity. Dr. David Capuzzi of Portland State University created this award.

2018 Winner: Dr. Deanna Cor 

Moira Ryan 2017   Kim Shay 1996
EASA Young Adult Leadership Council 2016   Linda Smith 2007 Ann Pardington 1995
Dr. Audrey Lehmann 2015 Karin Jordan 2006 Kathleen Bunkey 1994
Ann Marie Banfield 2014 Ann Harrison 2005 Jean Scott 1993
Ryan Melton 2013 Manivong Ratts 2004 Bob Hulsey 1993
Lonnie Jackson 2012 Olga Gloria 2003 Ron Bloodworth 1993
Chuck Hemingway 2011 Dr. Michael Ingram 2002 Esther Matthews 1992
Judy Littlebury 2010 Adele Richey McMurry 2001 Reese House 1991
Joyce & Dave Ziegler 2010
John Kitzhaber 2000 Bjo Ashwill 1989
Carol Levine 2009
Joan Mcllroy 1999 Carolyn Sheldon 1988
Phyllis & Rand Michael 2008 
Linda Erwin 1998 Martin Acker 1987

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given in recognition of meritorious service on behalf of the Oregon Counseling Association and its members.

 2018 Winner: Tony Lai

Dr. Susan Bettis 2017Chrissy Rufolo 2008Don Perkins 1999
Dr. Marney Hoffman 2016   Douglas Querin 2008 Donna Rogers 1998
Roy Huggins 2015 Dick Mase 2007 OMHC Alliance 1997
Doug Querin 2014
Laura Blaser 2007 Deena Corso 1996
Lara Pevzner 2012 Raymond Peterson 2006 Charlotte Udziela 1995
CJ Strauss 2011 Julia Cooley 2006 Bob Male 1994
Rachel Starck 2010 Dina Yerex 2005 Carol Lynn Morse 1993
Patricia Kyle 2010 Amy Bartley 2004 Donna Ford 1992
Angela Doty 2010 Deborah Rubel 2004 Dave Steinke 1991
CJ Strauss 2009 Gene Eakin 2004 Lizbeth Gray 1988
Jeff Harman 2009 Jim Firth 2003 Carol Sisson 1987
Larry Conner 2009 Linda Eby 2002 Steve Regner 1986
Bryan Nilsen 2009 LaDonna Macomber 2001   Carol Sisson 1985
Kevin Wright 2008 Barb Cross 2000 Reese House 1980

Dick Wilkes 1976

Distinguished Public Advocate Award

This award was established in 2016 and honors those who have made outstanding contributions to ORCA’s public policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of LPCs, LMFTs, and all of the people we serve.

2018 Winner: Wendy Curtis

2017 Winner: Chad Ernest

2016 Winner: Larry Conner

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