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2022 OREGON Counseling AWARDS

Heartfelt congratulations to:

Roy Huggins | 2022 Leona Tyler Award 

"Dr. Yana Yaghmaian has provided enormous support for students. She has endlessly done work for Portland State University's College of Education's Counseling Department and has put time and effort to receive large grants for the rehabilitation counseling field."

This award is designed to recognize counselors who have made outstanding contributions to the profession and whose work has had statewide implications for counseling. Dr. Leona E. Tyler was Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Oregon. Her many contributions to our profession, including research, writing, teaching and supervision of graduate students, attained both national and international acclaim.  The award was established in 1967, and was initially presented to Dr. Tyler, announcing that in her honor an annual award was being established by the Association. It is ORCA’s highest award.


Victor Chang, PhD. | 2022 Human Rights Award 

"Sofia's deep commitment to advancing social justice in the counseling field is an inspiration. Sofia has (rightfully) pushed ORCA to act on our anti-racist values, while she has simultaneously helped create specific spaces to elevate the voices and power of BIPOC counselors and therapists."

Dr. David Capuzzi, former counselor educator at Portland State University, established this award in 1986-87, during his year as President of the American Association for Counseling and Development (now the American Counseling Association – ACA). As a state branch of ACA, the Oregon Counseling Association believes this award is one opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to respecting and fostering human dignity.  The award is presented to members who have demonstrated an exemplary level of professional and personal commitment in the areas of human rights and the advancement of human dignity.

April Dodson, LPC Assoc. | 2022 Distinguished Service Award

"Gianna has been a tremendous force for good for the counseling profession. On top of educating graduate students at multiple institutions and running a private practice, she has been an active force for ORCA and has restarted the Oregon Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors. And, always, you will see Gianna smiling as she juggles ten things at once. She's an inspiration for the field and someone who should be recognized as such."

This award recognizes persons or groups who have contributed substantially to the Association and the counseling profession. This award is traditionally presented to Association members. However, non-members such as legislators, school officials, agency administrators, or others in the larger community may also receive the award for outstanding contributions to the Association.

Saren Craig,  LPC Assoc. | 2022 Distinguished Public Advocate Award

"Tiffany joined COPACT a couple of years ago and immediately took up the charge to advocate for and ensure legislative action in addressing access to mental health services for Oregonians on Medicaid. She has devoted her clinical practice to supporting the needs of the most under-represented populations and put in hours contacting state representatives and serving on state-wide behavioral health committees to formulate OHA and OHP policy. She is an asset to COPACT."

This award honors those who have made outstanding contributions to ORCA’s public policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of LPCs, LMFTs, and all of the people we serve. This award may honor those who have worked to pass an important piece of legislation that advanced access to quality mental health care for all Oregonians, or who have effectively protected LPCs and LMFTs in the legislature, or who have successfully worked with government agencies on the state or federal level to enhance professional counseling and marriage and family therapy.

The Oregon Counseling Association is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt trade association.

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