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ORCA is excited to announce a NEW job listing platform!

Some new features include: job alerts, ability to upgrade listings to be displayed in the Google Jobs Network, and more. Explore the added enhancements by entering the Job Listing page below.

If you're a member and not yet logged into the ORCA site, click the Login button. If you're not yet a member, click the Proceed as a Non-Member button.


In the Job Post Details area, you'll fill in the details for your job posting. As you begin to enter your Employer information and address, the job board will help by auto-filling that information to make the job posting process easier. Note: the auto-fill pulls from Google. If you would like to overwrite the auto-filled info with your own address, just continue to type in the address you would like for your job posting.

Posting open positions is complimentary for ORCA members and start at $60 / month for non-members. Member pricing is not available to organizations with 20 or more employees, regardless of membership status. 

Disclaimer: The Oregon Counseling Association ("ORCA") offers the Job Board as a public service; it is for informational purposes only. Job opportunities are posted "as is." ORCA makes no guarantees, representations, or warranties, either express or implied, regarding information or representation by either the Applicant or Employer through this service. In no event shall ORCA be liable, in law or equity, for any cause of action arising from the use of this service. Applicants represent and warrant the following:  Employers shall be solely responsible for all decisions regarding employment and compensation with respect to any posted job opportunity. Employer, at its sole discretion, may withdraw the posted job opportunity at any time. ORCA has no role in such decisions. Any and all personal information submitted by Applicant to Employer is done so freely and voluntarily. Applicant assumes all risks associated with application and employment by Employer. Employers represent and warrant the following:  Applicant shall be solely responsible for personal information submitted and representations made to Employer. ORCA shall not independently verify any information provided by Applicant to Employer. ORCA does not endorse or recommend any Applicant, including members of ORCA, for any posted job opportunity. Employer assumes all risks associated with application and employment of Applicant. If you have trouble submitting a position to our job board, or need your listing removed please contact

The Oregon Counseling Association is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt trade association.

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