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The Oregon Counseling Association offers a free ethics consultation as a benefit to our members. The purpose of the ethical consultation is to assist counseling professionals in navigating ethical dilemmas and to support them in engaging in ethical decision making. This consultation will occur either in written or verbal form, depending on the issue.  

Consultation requests are reviewed by the Ethics Chair and they will respond to the inquiry within three business days, in accordance with ACA standards. Note that the Ethics Chair may request additional information to assist with the consultation when they respond to your initial request.  

The Oregon Counseling Association does not provide legal services or advice and the ethics consult is not a legal consultation.  If you are seeking legal consultation, ORCA members also receive a free thirty minute legal consultation per year with Cooney, Cooney & Madigan, LLC. 

Because the free ethics consult is a benefit of being a member of ORCA, you must be logged into your member account (upper left hand corner of this page) to access the consult request form. To learn more about this and other benefits of joining ORCA, click here.

Resource links for ethics issues: 

American Counseling Association:  Knowledge Center Ethics

ACA 2014 Code of Ethics

American Counseling Association:  Knowledge Center, Ethical Decision Making

Forester-Miller & Davis (2016) “Practitioners Guide to Ethical Decision Making”

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy:  Legal and Ethical Information

AAMFT 2015 Code of Ethics

The Oregon Counseling Association is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt trade association.

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