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Breakout Schedule 2017


Friday (2 time slots - 2:25pm, 3:40pm)

  • Umpqua River
    • Both hours: Michelle Cox: The Diversity of Aging Issues in Mental Health Treatment
  • Rogue River
    • Both hours: Steffannie Roache: The Chitterlings Effect
  • Hood River
  • Willamette
    • Both Hours: Marvin Clifford: Ethics and Diversity Issues in Leading Adolescent Groups Presentation Slides
  • Crooked River
    • 1st hour: Michelle Englebom-Denglmann: Women’s Relationships with Physically Impaired Men
    • 2nd hour: Wendy Bruton: Smoking What You're Selling: The challenges we face in finding and and engaging in our own personal therapy
  • Metolius River
    • 1st hour: Evan Dumas: "How to Not Burn Out" or "Oops I Burned Out, Now What?" Presentation Slides
    • 2nd hour: Amy Reese OBLPCT Town Hall - Panel
  • Cascadia Private Dining Room
    • 1st hour: Sara Csaky: What to Know when Working with Hispanic Clients
    • 2nd hour: Lindsay Webster: Affirmative Treatment for Transgender Adolescents in Gender-Specific Programs Presentation Slides

Saturday (3 time slots - 1:00pm, 2:10pm, 3:25pm)

  • Umpqua River
    • 1st+2nd hour: Marvin Clifford: Leading Effective Therapy Groups Presentation Slides
    • 3rd hour: Marjan Baradar: Tolerating Differences
  • Rogue River
    • 1st+2nd hour Paul Cooney - Legal and Ethical Update Presentation Slides
    • 3rd hour David Kaplan - Keeping Up With the Counseling Profession: Current Issues on the National Level
  • Crooked River
    • 1st+2nd hour: Rebecca Robinson: The Ethical Considerations of Group Work
    • 3rd hour: Rick Johnson: Co-creating with the Rhythms and Dialectics in Psychotherapy Presentation Slides
  • Metolius River
    • 1st+2nd hour: Summer Brown: Working with Gender and Culturally diverse clients
    • 3rd hour: Hanna Emma Acquaye: Gender differences in spirituality with traumatized samples: The case of former refugees Presentation Slides
  • Cascadia Private Dining Room
    • 1st + 2nd hour: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann: Self of the Therapist and the Importance of Exploring Biases in the Ethical Development of Counselors
    • 3rd hour: COPACT Townhall with Lobbyist Elizabeth Remley
  • Crater Lake Boardroom
    • 1st+2nd hour: Amanda Zucker & Bari M Langbaum: Art as a Guide
    • 3rd hour: Evan Dumas: "How to Not Burn Out" or "Oops I Burned Out, Now What?" Presentation Slides


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