Feel free to contact a board member if you are interested in attending a board meeting or getting involved in a workgroup. Board meetings for the 2018-19 year are planned to be held at the Fourth Avenue Building at Portland State University (1900 SW 4th Ave). The Harrison Street entrance is locked on weekends, so ORCA encourages you to let us know in advance if you'd like to participate so that we can be available to let you into the building.

  • July 7th, 9am to noon
  • September 15th, 9am to noon
  • November 3rd, 9am to noon
  • January 12th, 9am to noon
  • March 9th, 9am to noon

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Executive Officers


Gianna Russo-Mitma President[at]
Past President:
Joel Lane 
President Elect: 
Alana Ogilvie PresidentElect[at]

Laurie Kerridge Treasurer[at]

Sofia Jasani Secretary[at]


Committee Chairs


Melissa Chernaik Communications[at]

Vacant Ethics[at]

Human Rights:
Vacant humanrights[at]
Graduate Programs:
Jess Montee GradPrograms[at]
Membership: Vacant
Sue Ujvary Networking[at]

ORCA Program Administrator/ACEP Administrator:
Vacant  ACEPadmin[at]

Professional Development and Education:
Tever Nickerson continuinged[at]

Public Policy & Advocacy:
Wendy Curtis PublicPolicy[at]

Vacant Technology[at]


Division Presidents


OACES President:
Lisa Aasheim oaces[at]
OCDA President:
Rick Mass ocda[at]


Committee Members:

Communications Committee Volunteers: Jennie Hayes; Moira Ryan, Newsletter Editor, editor[at]

Graduate Programs Committee: Ally Lopez, Oregon State University Representative; Amy Kennedy, Portland State University Representative

Membership Committee: Currently looking for committee members, reach out to 

Past Presidents of the Oregon Counseling Association:

William Kurtz/Mildred Bassett(1946-47)
Keith Goldhammer (1947-48)
Paul Patter (1948-49)
Ray Haas (1949-50)
William T Johnson (1950-51)
James Manning (1951-53)
Clark Brown (1953-54)
Edna Coheen (1954-55)
Truman Cheney (1955-56)
Pearl Young (1956-57)
Ambrose Huff (1957-58)
Marguerite Boyce (1958-59)
Lawrence Saafeld (1959-60)
Paul Muno (1960-61)
David Mortimer (1961-62)
Robert Perry (1962-63)
Mayme LaVoy (1963-64)
Floyd Harmon (1964-65)
Patricia Lentz (1965-66)
Eugene Sorenson (1966-67)
Gordon McMinn (1967-68)
Bart Clements (1968-69)
Tenison Haley (1969-70)
Richard M. Olson (1970-71)
Mary Maples (1971-72)
Jack Thorson (1972-73)
Reese House (1973-74)
Mavis Malbon (1975-76)
Lorna Meyer (1976-77)
Jerry Berger (1977-78)
John Cover (1978-79)
Wilbur Jackson (1979-80)
Ken Gates (1980-81)
Ken Lamont (1981-82)
Jack Casey (1982-83)
Jim Firth (1983-84)
Sally House (1984-85)
Ray Lowe(1985-86)
Richard White (1986-87)
Anna Frakes (1987-88)
John Bernham (1988-89)
Donna Ford (1989-90)
Robert Male (1990-91)
Carol Lynn Morse (1991-92)
Tony Glidden (1992-93)
Greta Krahn (1993-94)
Sharon Baum (1994-95)
Donna Rogers (1995-96)
Maggie Pedersen (1996-97)
Carol Sisson (1997-98)
Robbi Porter(1998-99)
LaDonna Macomber (1999-00)
Deena Corso (2001-02)
Gene Eakin (2002-03)
Dale Pehrsson (2003-04)
Lynn Fontana (2004-05)
Kimberly Gerhardt (2005-06)
Kevin Wright (2006-07)
Wendy Hoffman (2007-08)
Lynn Fontana (2008-09)
Patricia Kyle (2009-10)
Lara Pevzner (2010-12)
Dominick Robertson (2012-13)
Matt Morscheck (2013-14)
Marney Hoffman (2014-15)
Ryan Melton (2015-16)
Raina Hassan (2016-17)
Joel Lane (2017-18)


The Oregon Counseling Association is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt trade association.
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