Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World

The Keynote will provide an overview and the breakout sessions will go into depth:

  • Overview of breakout sessions.
  • Terminology of the day; based on the work of Derald Wing Sue and the Scholars connected to Readings for Diversity and Social Justice.
  • Explore the work of other scholars; (of color, of differing abilities, of gender expanse, of sexual orientation, of various ages and economic backgrounds).  
  • Overview of self identification and the importance of providing ourselves and our clients to self identify.
In the breakout sessions:

Attendees/participants will have a better understanding of the terminology for the day; including microaggressions, and their many types.  We'll review the Matrix of Oppression and some additions Summer has been working on. 

Participants will explore how their identities come into the room with their clients and how that impacts their therapeutic relationship and their work as a whole. Participants will understand the impact of client's self perceptions and their impact on social interactions and how they feed into systematic and internalized oppression.  

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