Summer Brown LMFT,  self Identifies as a Black, Queer, Fat, Femme and is a growing leader in LGBTQI+ mental health treatment in the Pacific NW. Her extensive experience working with folx from systemically non-dominant populations and intersecting identities has uniquely brought to bear via her dynamic and exceptionally competent therapeutic stance. Summer is a Sex Positive, Body Acceptance, Social Equity Minded, Solution Focused, CBT and Feminist therapist.

Summer is highly valuable when creating and delivering culturally competent care in the mental health work community. She provides MFT supervision under AAMFT mentoring through her private practice in Vancouver, WA.  She leads an LGBTQI+ focused mental health consultation group in Vancouver, WA, which she facilitates with expertise, curiosity, and holistic attention to the needs of both growing professionals and clients.  

Her professional vocation is supported by a true investment in and practice of self-care. When not in therapy sessions, consultation, presentations, or teaching for the Human Development Department at Clark College, you will find Summer nerding out Sci-Fi style, cooking amazing meals with her friends and chosen family, writing, creating visual art and embarking on new adventures on a regular basis. Summer has 4 year old twins, 2 dogs and a cat and also enjoys spending quiet time at home.

Learn more about Summer's private practice:

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